Qualico 2012

(Belgrade, Serbia, April 26-29)

Structures and Processes in Language and Text:
Quantitative Linguistics Perspectives

Thursday, April 26, 2012

09.00 Registration
10.00 Opening

Session 1 · Opening Presentations

10.30 Sergej Andreev (Russian Federation)
Literal vs. Liberal Translation – Formal Estimation
11.00 George K. Mikros (Greece)
Author Profiling in Greek Blogs: Gender Identification Using Machine Learning Methods

11.30 Coffee break

Session 2 · Chair: Sheila Embleton

12.00 Xiaodong Zhao (China)
Vocabulary Growth of Content Words of ESP and General English – A Contrastive Study of CMTE and BNC
12.30 Jiří Milička (Czech Republic)
Rank-frequency Relation and Type-token Relation – Two Sides of the Same Coin
13.00 Lunch break

Session 3 · Chair: Ján Mačutek

14.30 Andrei Beliankou, Reinhard Köhler, Sven Naumann (Germany)
Discourse Elements and their Structure
15.00 Anđelka Zečević (Serbia)
N-gram Based Authorship Attribution for Serbian
15.30 Coffee Break

Session 4 · Chair: Duško Vitas

16.00 Marjolein van Egmond, Lizet van Ewijk, Sergey Avrutin (The Netherlands)
Zipf's Law in Aphasia
16.30 Dario Benedetto, Mirko Degli Esposti, Giulio Maspero (Italy)
Application of Quantitative Methods to a Real Case in A.A.: The Useful Interaction of Mathematics and Philology
17.30 Łukasz Dębowski (Poland)
Empirical Evidence for Hilberg's Conjecture in Single-Author Texts

19.00 Welcome cocktail


Friday April 27, 2012

Session 5 · Chair: George K. Mikros

9.30 Peter Grzybek (Austria)
The Sentence and its Relatives
10.00 Duško Vitas, Cvetana Krstev, Miloš Utvić (Serbia)
Measures of Differences of the Same
10.30 Adam Pawłowski, Maciej Eder (Poland)
Quantitative Analysis of Sequential Structures in «Dalimil's Chronicle»

11.00 Coffee Break

Session 6 · Chair: Reinhard Köhler

11.30 Relja Vulanović (USA)
A Multidimensional Generalization of the Piotrovski-Altmann Law
12.00 Jaume Baixeries (Spain) , Ramon Ferrer-i-Cancho (Spain), Brita Elvevåg (Norway)
The Exponent of Zip's Law in Language Ontogeny
12.30 Liviu P. Dinu, Sergiu Nisioi (Romania)
Using Rank Distance to Distinguish an Author's Stylistic Unity

13.00 Lunch break

Session 7 · Chair: Peter Grzybek

14.30 Matilde Trevisani, Arjuna Tuzzi (Italy)
Shaping the History of Words
15.00 Emmerich Kelih (Austria)
On the Dependency of Word Length on Text Length. Empirical Results from Russian and Bulgarian Parallel Texts

15.30 Coffee break

Session 8 · Chair: Haruko Sanada

16.00 Gordana Đuraš, Ernst Stadlober, Emmerich Kelih (Austria)
The Generalized Poisson Distributions as Models for Word Length Frequencies
16.30 Ján Mačutek (Slovakia), Radek Čech (Czech Republic)
Quantitative Analysis of the Text Structure Using Co-occurrence of Words
17.00 Liviu P. Dinu, Solomon Marcus (Romania)
How Many Syllables Are in Romanian? How Many Are Used?

18.00 IQLA Business Meeting

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Session 9 · Chair: Cvetana Krstev

9.30 Jelena Radanović, Petar Milin (Serbia)
Quantifying Animacy
10.00 Nemanja Vaci, Petar Milin (Serbia)
Comprehending Actions in Written Text
10.30 Haruko Sanada (Japan)
Thematic Concentration in Japanese Prose

11.00 Coffee Break

Session 10 · Chair: Emmerich Kelih

11.30 Ivan Obradović, Aljoša Obuljen (Serbia)
A Method for Extracting Translational Equivalents from Aligned Texts
12.00 Makoto Yamazaki (Japan)
Quantitative Analysis of the Text Structure Using Co-occurrence of Words
12.30 Elena Voskovskaia (Canada)
Morphological Productivity of French Compounds A-N and N-A from the 17th to the 20th Century: Correlation between Different Measures

13.00 Lunch

Session 11 · Chair: Sergej Andreev

14.30 Veronika Koch (Austria)
Shot Length Distributions in Motion Pictures by Sergej Ėjzenštejn
15.00 Vasilij V. Poddubnyj, Anatolij A. Polikarpov (Russian Federation)
From Regularities of Signs' Life Cycle to Mathematical Modeling of Language Evolution for Explaining the Formation of Synchronous Polysemy and Frequency of Words' Use Distributions

15.30 Coffee Break

Session 12 · Chair: Ivan Obradović

16.00 Deng Yaochen (P.R. China)
A Synergetic Linguistic Study on the Properties of Synonyms in English and Chinese
16.30 Hermann Moisl (United Kingdom)
Hierarchical Cluster Analysis of Nonlinear Linguistic Data
17.00 Antonella Delmestri, Liviu P. Dinu (Romania)
An Assessment of String Similarity Methods for Cognate Identification

17.30 Closing remarks
20.00 Conference dinner: Serbian bistro


Sunday, April 29, 2012

11.00 Boat trip: Belgrade from its rivers

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Program Committee:
Peter Grzybek
Ivan Obradović
Emmerich Kelih
Cvetana Krstev
Ján Mačutek
George Mikros
Reinhard Köhler
Duško Vitas

Local Organizers:
Cvetana Krstev
Ivan Obradović
Duško Vitas
Registration, Opening & Session I:
Great Hall of the University of Belgrade Rectorate,
Studentski trg 1

All Other Sessions:
Belgrade City Library,
Knez Mihailiva 56

Conference Phone:
+381 (0)69 344-04-89