Qualico 2009

(Graz, Austria, September 2009)

Text and Language: Structures - Functions - Interrelations

Thursday 17, 2009

09.00 Registration
10.00 Opening

Section I · Opening Presentations

10.30 Reinhard Köhler / Sven Naumann (Germany)
Statistical properties of F- and L-Motifs as text characteristics
11.00 Bijapur D. Jayaram / Matummal N. Vidya (India)
Word length and frequency relationship in Indian languages

12.00 Guided Tour (Graz University to the City Hall)

13.00 Reception at the City Hall

14.30 Continuation of Guided Tour

Section II · Chair: Anatolij A. Polikarpov

16.00 Haruko Sanada (Japan)
Distribution of syllables in Japanese texts
16.30 Deng Yaochen (China)
A synergetic linguistic study on compounding propensity in technical English
17.00 Maria Roukk (Russia)
Lexico-semantic analysis of the English textbooks for chemistry students

17.30 Coffee Break

Section III · Chair: George Mikros

18.00 Łukasz Dębowski (Netherlands)
A link between the number of set phrases in a text and the number of described facts
18.30 Jan Králík (Czechia)
Probabilistic reading of Zipf
19.00 Ramon Ferrer i Cancho (Spain)
Random sequences of characters do not mimic Zipf’s law. The end of a myth

20.00 Welcome Buffet


Friday 18, 2009

Section IV · Chair: Reinhard Köhler

9.00 Tadaharu Tanomura (Japan)
Retrieving collocational information from Japanese corpora: An attempt towards the creation of a dictionary of collocations
9.30 Ivan Obradović / Cvetana Krstev / Duško Vitas (Serbia)
Measuring semantic relevance of words in synsets
10.00 Peter Grzybek / Janja Laufer (Austria)
Word length and sentence length: Text readability and the Arens-Altmann law

10.30 Coffee Break

Section V · Chair: Jan Králík

11.00 George Mikros (Greece)
Classification trees, logistic regression and pre-nasalization of voiced stops in Modern Greek: Combining multiple statistical methods in sociolinguistic research
11.30 Andrij Rovenchak (Ukraine) / Valentin Vydrin (Russia)
Statistical properties of the N’ko writing system
12.00 Emmerich Kelih (Austria)
Grapheme frequencies and word length in Slovene and Serbian: Interrelations and empirical findings
12.30 Sheila Embleton / Dorin Uritescu / Eric Wheeler (Canada)
How do I know if I am right? Checking quantitative hypotheses

13.00 Lunch

Section VI · Chair: Emmerich Kelih

14.30 Sergej Andreev (Russia)
Quantitative analysis of Keats's style: Genre differences
15.00 Jeronimo Leal (Italy)
Revisiting Tertullian's authorship of the ‘Passio Perpetua’ with a computer-guided statistical method
15.30 Tatiana Sherstinova (Russia)
Quantitative data processing in the ORD speech corpus of Russian everyday communication

16.00 Coffee Break

Workshop Session

16.30 Oleg Shevelyov (Spain / Russia) / Vasiliy Poddubnyj (Russia)
Complex investigation of texts with the system ‘StyleAnalyzer’
Anatoliy Polikarpov / Olga Kukuškina / Vasilij Poddubnyj / Oleg Shevelyov (Russia)
Optimization of feature space in tasks of classification and clustering of texts of various types
Vasilij Poddubnyj / A.S. Kravtsova (Russia)
Statistical reduction of features space of text styles
17.30 Work in Progress Presentations
WSK 9: Quantitative und Formale Linguistik, Altmann Fitter 3.0, Bibliography of Quantitative Linguistics (BQL)

18.30 Coffee Break

19.00 IQLA Business Meeting

Saturday 19, 2009

Section VII · Chair: Sergej Andreev

9.00 Radek Čech (Czechia) / Ján Mačutek (Slovakia / Austria)
On the quantitative analysis of valency in Czech
9.30 Anatolij Polikarpov (Russia)
Asymmetric dualism of a language sign: on the mechanism of establishing harmony between polysemy and synonymy in natural language signs
10.00 Patrick Juola (United States)
Diachronic changes in English morphological complexity

10.30 Coffee Break

Section VIII · Chair: Alexander Mehler

11.00 Ivan Obradović / Duško Vitas / Cvetana Krstev / Vanja Radulovič (Serbia)
Distribution of canonical syllable types in Serbian
11.30 Gregory Martynenko (Russia)
Mathematics of harmony, generative grammars and quantitative linguistics
12.00 Nicolas Turenne (France)
Modelling noun-phrases dynamics in specialized text collections

12.30 Lunch

Section IX · Chair: Sheila Embleton

14.30 Solomiya Buk / Olha Humenchyk / Lilija Mal’tseva / Andrij Rovenchak (Ukraine)
Word-length-related parameters of text genres in the Ukrainian language
15.00 Ján Mačutek (Austria/Slovakia)
Rank-frequency distributions: Pitfalls to be avoided
15.30 Gordana Đuraš / Ernst Stadlober (Austria)
Modeling word length frequencies by the Singh-Poisson distribution

16.00 Coffee Break

Section X · Chair: Haruko Sanada

16.30 Alexander Mehler (Germany)
A quantitative model of social ontologies
17.00 Irena Srdanović / Bor Hodošček / Andrej Bekeš / Kikuko Nishina (Japan)
Classifying corpora based on adverbs distribution
17.30 Erhard Hinrichs / Thomas Zastrow (Germany)
Research infrastructures for the humanities: European and national perspectives

18.00 Coffee Break

Section XI · Chair: Sven Naumann

18.30 Silke Wagner / Michael Donoser (Austria)
Using web search engines to analyze the role of context in text recognition
19.00 Mahmoud Gindiyeh / Gintarė Grigonytė / Johann Haller (Germany)
Enhancing clustering of technical documents with linguistic knowledge
19.30 Sylvain Loiseau (France)
Investigating the interactions between different axes of variation in text typology

20.30 Concluding Conference Dinner


Sunday 20, 2009

10.00 Final Discussion
11.00 Excursion
17.00 IQLA Council Business Meeting

Program Committee:
Peter Grzybek
Bijapur D. Jayaram
Emmerich Kelih
Reinhard Köhler

Local Organizers:
Peter Grzybek
Emmerich Kelih
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