The International Quantitative Linguistics Association (IQLA) was founded in 1994 to promote the use of mathematical and statistical methods in linguistic modelling, textual analysis, and related fields. Quantitative Linguistics covers the whole spectrum of theoretical and empirical research in these areas, including observation and description of linguistic data, formulation and empirical testing of quantitatively-stated linguistic and textual models relative to such data, and discussion of associated methodological and epistemological issues.

Over the last three decades Quantitative Linguistics has undergone a rapid development with respect both to theory and application. By introducing into linguistics the quantitative methods and models of scientific disciplines in the natural and social sciences, it has promoted the development of new and exciting theoretical perspectives as well as solutions to practical problems in the various branches of linguistic and textual research.

The contents of IQLA's journal, the Journal of Quantitative Linguistics (JQL), together with the introductory readings given in the Links section of this site, provide an overview of the range of IQLA's subject coverage.

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